What to do with a felled tree?

What to do with a felled tree

This week our project around the farm is to figure out what in the world we are going to do with this felled black walnut tree. It has been dead for a while now but we were uncertain of how to go about cutting it down since it had lived next to our fence. This summer Poppy and Wayne re-fenced the horse pastures to provide access directly to the horse barn and provide a separate pasture for those cows I keep talking about! (Side note: We have decided to buy each other cows for Christmas! We want to start our own herd, so we are looking for a couple of calves to breed.) Since the fence is gone, Poppy decided it was time to let it go. TIMBER!

Poppy expertly chopped it down, cutting a wedge at just the right angle for it to land in an open space instead of any of the surrounding buildings. And we have so many ideas about what to do with this beautiful black walnut wood, but here are our top ideas!

1.       Tree slices. Are they still trendy?? Is nature ever not trendy?  I still see them on everywhere on Pinterest and I’m the kind of girl who thrives on natural textures. So, personally I have asked Poppy to cut several for me to use as decoration, and some to have available for events at Rolling Hills. (info on hosting your next event HERE) And possibly some to sell?


2.       Chargers. Of course, Pinterest. Basically, these are tree slices but super thin so they can be used as place settings. Can you just see a beautiful Thanksgiving table set with these?! Also, I’m going to lump coasters in with this group; they are basically small chargers for your glass.


3.       Cutting boards. Thanks to our friend Kevin who suggested this one. I love wooden cutting boards and serving platters, and cheese platters! Wood grain is just beautiful. 

cutting board.jpg

4.       Fire wood. This goes without saying but it hurts my heart a little to see beautiful black walnut wood turned to ash. But such is life, and we need to stay warm this winter.

5.       Swing! Thank you, Pinterest, again for this idea. Since we have great big trees for swinging, and two little boys, this one just might make the cut.


6.       End tables!? I purchased a gorgeous end table last year at Target that has a natural tree slice top and simple metal legs. Poppy, let’s do this!

side table2.jpg