Every Farmhouse needs a Wreath

I really love Fixer Upper, but who doesn’t?? I love the idea of transforming spaces, turning awkward into functional. I love the wholesomeness of the show. I can binge on the show and not feel like I filled my brain with trash, but instead I see new ideas and inspiration every time I watch.

I love the farm house, rustic, clean, cozy look that Joanna creates in every house. I love the muted color pallet that she uses. And I love ship-lap walls and I especially love her use of wreaths. Every farmhouse needs a wreath.

I am a craft hoarder, and have plenty of supplies to last a lifetime, a product of too many ideas and not enough time. Which is ironic because now I have a husband, two small kids, and a house to take care of…and I thought that I didn’t have enough time when I was single. Anyway, I count my craft “store” as an investment that I made throughout my late teens and twenties. Now, I’ve determined to put all these supplies to use. As a true DIYer at heart, I prefer to make my own anything rather than buy. Even when I see one in the store, there is something in me that will stall me from purchasing. I KNOW I could do it myself with a little time and energy, a few dollars maybe.

I found myself one Saturday at Home Goods, lingering over the display of wreaths, and dreaming about which ones I would put around our home {and how I could rearrange the furniture to accommodate.} I ultimately went home empty handed, but my head swimming with ideas. I wanted a wreath and I wanted to make it right then, while the inspiration was hot. A trip to A.C. Moore should do it. Well, by the time we got there, my toddler was fast asleep. It was nap time, after all. So I drove home without any supplies determined to truly DIY a wreath with whatever I had at home. {No wreath frames in my home “craft store”, unfortunately}.

 I searched Pinterest and found a beautiful wreath made from an old book, which I could totally create! We have a piano in the living room that came with a bench full of old music books, including a hymnal. So naturally I chose the hymnal for my wreath. I used the top of a pizza box from the recycling bin to create the frame. I traced a dinner plate for the size and a salad bowl for the inside ring.

Now for the folding of the cones, that takes some practice if you’ve never done it. I watched a couple YouTube tutorials and figured it out. The only other supplies that I needed were: an exacto knife to cut the pages out of the hymnal, a stapler to secure each page into a cone shape, and a hot glue gun to glue the cones to the frame. And after about 2 hours I was well on my way to a new wreath for our living room. Naturally, it’s hanging above the piano.



wreath above piano