Join us on our JOURNEY!

I could not imagine raising our boys without a farm. It’s a 30-minute drive from our house and we make it several times a week. My parents live on and work the land. Nana and Poppy are both retired so they help tremendously with raising the boys. While they are there, they are true farm hands, well Rock is. Behr is only 6 months old, but he watches.

Rock’s chores on the farm include: feeding the cat, watering and feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, giving hay to the horses, and working on his rock pile. He also spends time climbing fences, pushing his trucks around, filling the wheel barrow with sticks and weeds as Nana gardens, swinging in his tire swing, and splashing in puddles when it rains.

Rolling Hills Farm is a special place, peaceful and quiet. It is fresh and full of new life. It is a place where nature is allowed to thrive. The farm boasts ten acres of land set on a backdrop of big skies. A small farmhouse, a garden shed, a large horse barn, a haybarn, an open covered barn where we entertain, and a dairy barn converted into a workshop complete the structures. The land holds a large hayfield split by a long drive leading to the house, a small orchard, a pine grove, and flowering plants everywhere you look.

Nature is meant to be observed and enjoyed. The first light of dawn peeking through the trees, the cool breeze on a spring evening, the calls of countless birds, the smell of freshly cut grass or a summer rain, the gnarled trees that hold history, the big crystal blue sky hugging the open horizon, even the crow of the rooster, these are the offerings of the farm. Creation declares the glory of God, and y’all I don’t want to miss it. Nature nourishes the soul. It keeps us ever mindful of the great Creator. I want to instill this sense of awe in my children.

The more we experience the farm, the more Travis and I are sure we want some land of our own on which to raise our boys. We have grand plans of homesteading on the farm. We love the idea of working the land and living on what we grow as much as possible. Currently, the farm provides a small vegetable and herb garden, a sweet orchard, black walnut trees, fresh eggs, and a large hay field for the horses. For us, living on the land is not all about health, organic, nonGMO, or anything else. It is about the experience. We want to experience nature. We want to teach our boys about patience through planting and harvesting, a strong work ethic through daily farm work, about engineering through designing and building in the workshop. We have no notions that this life will be easy or always fun, but spending our life with dirt under our nails and sun on our face, exploring this world will be worth it.

Travis and I know little about the farming life. My parents bought the farm the summer before my senior year of high school, so I only lived there one year before I went off to college. Honestly, I hated it at first. We were from the city and I could not understand why they wanted a farm. But the more time I spent there, the more I understood the treasure of wide open spaces. My parents have worked the farm themselves for almost two decades and hold a wealth of knowledge. We have decided that we want the farm life too. So, we are embarking on a journey of learning and documenting as much as we can for ourselves and posterity. Join us as we figure it out!