Our Poppy

My dad knows a little bit about everything, a lot about a lot of things, and everything about a few things. He is like a walking encyclopedia. Bring up any topic to him and he can at least engage and spout a fact or two. He’s been a pilot, a bass master tournament fisherman, a skilled hunter, driven the fastest cars, and traveled almost everywhere in the continental. He is full of stories too. For the last fifteen years he has spent his life building and working Rolling Hills Farm. He has designed and fixed countless things. He has a wood working shop, a welder, and at least three of every tool known to man. This man is full of knowledge.

Richard Drew Taylor grew up in High Point, NC spending summers at the family laundry business. He attended boarding schools for his education and Elon University for his degree. After graduation, he worked the family business as expected for years but eventually left it and pursued his passion for helping others. He attended seminary and received his Masters of Divinity with Counseling preparing him to counsel others from a biblical perspective. Nana also received her certification from NANC to join him in counseling. The farm is their office. It is a special place, peaceful and quiet, full of truth.  Life slows down on the farm, problems dissipate.

The decision to leave a stable job was not an easy one, but Poppy has always held strong convictions.  He graduated at age 51 and began full time ministry. Today, he counsels by appointment, is active at church, and every other Sunday he preaches at the local jail. The farm provides a place to minister as well as pursue his other passions like working the farm and loving his family.

He loves his family and our we love our Poppy. As a father, he has always been full of wisdom and encouragement. And now our hearts are overjoyed that we have two boys who can grow up under his legacy. His wisdom continues to pave our paths. Even now that I am married with a family of my own, Travis and I call Poppy and Nana to gain their insight quite frequently. A common maxim around our house is “I don’t know, ask Poppy.” And he never disappoints.

Part of our journey will be learning and documenting his skill and knowledge gained from a full life. I know I could google and youTube anything I’ve ever wanted to know, but hands on learning is invaluable. Every lesson comes with a story. The summer we bought the farm, he put up a beautiful horse barn and built each stall by hand. He spent days outside in his workshop measuring, cutting, and nailing every board in place. I tried to help but I was mostly there for the narrative. He is amazing.

He has helped with our business in countless ways, building, fixing, encouraging, advising. He is always invested in our interests and current projects and quick to help in any way. His handiwork traces our business, our house, and our lives.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. We love you!!