Summer ART camp : COLORS


Primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. Tertiary colors, complimentary colors, monochromatic color schemes: these are just a few of the lessons taught last week at our colors camp. I also taught a drawing lesson everyday and the farm did not disappoint. Our inspiration was endless. Some kids liked the chickens, some the horses, some liked the huge round hay bales in the hay barn. We collected leaves and drew them, noticing the vein structure of each. The farm is a perfect place to create! 

We just finished our first week of summer art camp at the farm and it was a hit. We had a great group of young artists who has fun creating beautiful pieces of art and lasting memories. The farm lends itself to creativity. No matter where you are sitting, the view is full of beauty and inspiration.

kids on hay bales

Each day during camp we had free drawing time to sketch around the farm. Each of them brought their own sketchbook to fill up. We drew chickens, horses, plants, barns and hay bales. As each of the kids drew, I gave them tips to improve their skills. We talked about horizon line, perspective, negative shapes, light and shadows. I encouraged them to keep drawing after the camp was over. The only way to improve is to practice.

After a quick lesson and free drawing time, we had a time of “recreation art”each day. Monday, we filled water guns with primary colors of paint and shot onto watercolor paper. The colors mixed together and looked like a rainbow painting. Tuesday, we had a scavenger hunt around the farm looking for different colored objects. Wednesday, we created spray paint silhouettes of leaves and flowers. Thursday, we did both water gun painting and spray paint silhouettes again. Those were our favorites!

Jed water gun

Each day we also had studio time where we created a piece of art. Monday and Tuesday we painted chickens and color wheels with watercolor. Wednesday, we created a monochromatic collage. On Thursday, we created mono-prints and another collage using old books. Friday, we learned pointillism.

kids printing

Also on Friday, we spent the morning finishing all pieces of art and each artist signed their work. We created a gallery for each artist on a tri-fold poster board. Then, friends and families attended our gallery opening! It was a special time to show what the kids learned and created all week. The parents enjoyed seeing each kid's work on display. 

We have two more weeks of camp this summer: July 17-21 and August 7-11. Check out our Summer ART camp page for more information and registration! 

kids at gallery