Remembering why we celebrate the 4th

Lately I have been reading about and researching the American Revolution. I am particularly interested in learning more about the courageous George Washington and his role as general and leader of the war that brought about our independence from England. I am intrigued by the bravery of the  men who took on the most powerful force in the world at that time...Great Britain and its king.

 Today our military forces have access to technology, warplanes, sophisticated intelligence, and sadly nuclear weapons. In the 1700s their only fighting power consisted of soldiers...hand to hand combat, a few slow loading rifles and explosives. Their willpower and sheer determination in spite of the odds against them fascinate me. They were so dedicated to their new country and their general that they trudged on in spite of the great number of redcoats that fought against them. They suffered physically; often times they were without  shoes, marching with bloody frost bitten feet, and after day FOR YEARS! The newly formed Congress couldn't help much as they were OUT OF MONEY (now that’s a thought!) It is so sad it just makes me want to cry...until I remember the outcome.

 Loving a good mystery, I am intrigued  with the spy accounts of the men and WOMEN (from both the loyalists and patriot sides). Washington put into place a spy ring out of New York called the Culper Spy Ring, which consisted of two men and one woman who smuggled information  to him using invisible ink, messages written on boiled eggs, and even hanging a black petticoat out to dry.  This group could have easily been caught and hung for treason against the king, as they were living in a town occupied by the British. This threesome  was directly responsible for exposing Benedict Arnold for the traitor he was, shortly after Washington appointed him to be head of  West Point.  There were spies in the camp! Read more about them here:

 As I am a history buff and interested in all thing historical,  we took a trip to  Williamsburg, Virginia a few years ago and rode out to Yorktown where the battle of Yorktown was fought during the American Revolution. When  I  first set eyes on the battlefield the serenity overwhelmed me.I can still remember thinking,...this peaceful fenced in pasture  couldn't possibly have been the site of  a raging battlefield where men were killing each other with bayonets and rifles. The grassy bunkers and some cannons were still there as a reminder.

 Today as we celebrate our freedom my mind goes back to the beginning of our country and to what I have learned about those courageous men and women and wondering if I would have been on the right side (patriots), much less risk my life helping fight for the colonies to become the new  country of the United States,  or would I have remained loyal to the king. I would like to think that I would be as brave as the women who became spies and helped  our  General Washington  win the war to become independent of England.

This I know for sure,I am counting myself among those who are grateful to God for the outcome of the American Revolution and for the courageous men and women who fought that long battle for our country's freedom in the beginning .  

As we do each year we put flags up around the farm to celebrate the 4th. This morning I went down to the end of the drive way with Poppy as he put up the last one  and  I was thinking ....  I want the younger generation in my family to fully  understand the meaning behind the celebration  of the 4th of July and really mean it when they ask GOD TO BLESS AMERICA!


Love, Nana