All about our PAINT-A-HORSE party!

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In 2009 my husband and I were married at the farm in the middle of the hay field. We had our reception under the big tree with lights, a dancefloor, and a bluegrass band. Ever since then, we have been hosting all our family and lots of friend events at the farm. And this time it was no exception. The farm offers a unique experience for kids who don’t have horses or chickens in their backyards. We have ample area to run, dig, and climb, and paint!

If you saw our posts on IG and FB you know that we just celebrated Rock’s THIRD birthday at Rolling Hills Farm with a PAINT-A-HORSE party! The party was a hit. We have just started offering our farm as an event venue, including our PAINT-A-HORSE party! ( After our ART CAMPS this summer where we ended the week with painting our miniature horse, Beethoven, I immediately wanted to do this for Rock’s birthday. I planned and pinterest-ed for weeks picking decorations and favors.


I chose “sprinkles” for the theme of the decorations. Most everything was white and clean, with sprinkles. I hung multi colored balloons and tissue paper “puffs”. All of the containers and tableware was white. The cupcakes too were white and covered in sprinkles.


We had two planned activities- both painting a horse. The first activity was set up when the kids arrived. I hung a row of multi colored kid sized aprons for them to wear. At each seat was a piece of watercolor paper with a pencil drawing of a party horse, a water cup, a brush, and a pallet with three colors of paint. Everything was ready to go. The younger kids painted “abstracts” until all their paint was gone while the older kids painted and embellished their images, adding trees and people.  At the end of the party, we brought out Beethoven and gathered the kids around to actually paint him! Most of them were so surprised that they were getting to paint a real live horse! The watercolor painting was just a teaser. When painting Beethoven always use finger-paint which is kid and animal friendly and washes easily off of both! The kids each had several turns painting his sides and mane. We all painted until the paint was gone! Beethoven loves the attention too! And to keep him still, we keep a bucket full of carrots nearby.

For the take home gifts, each guest kept their horse watercolor paintings and they chose one of these jars full of either M&Ms or skittles:

Take home gift

I glued the horse figurines on top, then spray painted each of them white (white and sprinkles theme…) The party was a huge success and all the kids really LOVED painting, both the watercolor and Beethoven! 

If you would like more information on hosting your own PAINT A HORSE party at Rolling Hills Farm click here:  Our staff guides all the activities and we provide all the supplies for painting, both watercolor and the horse. We do have other activities available from which to choose. Visit our website! 

For a limited time we are offering 25% off birthday parties! Contact us today to book your date. 

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