Rick "Poppy" and Mary "Nana" Taylor

Poppy and Nana bought the property in 2000 with the dream of running a horse farm. He is the resident animal whisperer, handy man, and story teller. He is technically retired, but works full time riding his tractor. When he is not working the farm, he is a Christian counselor and preaches at a local jail. 

Nana is the resident gardener and decorator. She plants vegetables, flowers, trees, and bushes. She keeps the property looking beautiful. The farmhouse is her domain, beautifully decorated in cozy farm style. She, along with Poppy, cooks fabulous farm dinners. She is also a certified Christian counselor and leads a Bible study at her church. 


Travis and Emily Drew Mash

Travis and Emily Drew fell in love with the farm in 2009. They were married in the hay field. Ever since then they, along with Poppy and Nana, have hosted countless events at the farm. They own an online business (MASH) and a local gym. 

Their goal is to build a house on the farm and raise their two boys, Rock and Behr Bradley. 


If you've ever had occasion to visit Rolling Hills Farm, you know it's a special place. There is always a breeze, some shade, and a smile. Our family settled on the farm in 2000. Over the years, we've turned the property into our hideaway, eleven acres of fresh air outside the city full of big trees and memories.

 Since 2009, we've hosted all types of events from weightlifting and power lifting meets to baby showers and birthday parties. 

We look forward to sharing our special place with you! To plan a visit please contact us today.